"Excellent service at excellent rates... every time"

-Sarah Stephanou, Gottex Fund Management

Our Lorries

Another part of what sets us apart from the competition is our lorries.

Just the right size

We don’t do transit vans or any type of roll-on roll-off.

Our fleet is comprised of 7.2 tonne tipper lorries for one reason:

They are the biggest lorries that can still go anywhere to get your rubbish.

We now have new lorries on the road that are carrying even more weight than our old lorries.Our lorries are so much bigger than a transit van you could literally drive a transit van into the back of one. In fact even skips can’t compare in terms of load size – our lorries hold over 50% more than a 12 yard skip.

Tools for the job

All of our crews are equipped with the technology needed to support them on the job.

All of lorries utilise Kinesis Telematics to ensure that all of our logistics are properly tracked and coordinated, our lorries are maintained regularly and there’s also GPS just in case we aren’t familiar with your location already.

Our drivers are also equipped with android powered tablets and phones. Our drivers can provide you with electronic waste transfer notes on-site and you simply sign with your finger. Of course the paper option is still available as well!

Recently joining our team is Mr. S Nikolov who is responsible for the day to day running of the transport.

For more information about any of our services, please click here or contact:

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