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-Sarah Stephanou, Gottex Fund Management

Environmental Responsibility

We take environmental responsibility seriously at What a Load of Rubbish and we’re proud that many of our customers do as well. That’s why we work so hard to obtain ISO 14001 accreditation, optimise our waste process for high recycle rates, and regularly review our environmental policy. We have also recently joined The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) to demonstrate the exemplary levels of best practice we are achieving, including around environmental protection.

ISO 14001:2004 Accreditation

Further to being fully compliant with all current legislation for waste carriers, we are now also ISO 14001 certified.

ISO 14001:2004 is a standard that defines criteria for an environmental management system. In short, it is an effective method for companies to measure and improve their impact on the environment. At What a Load of Rubbish, we see this as a great way to show our dedication to environmental responsibility and it also reflects very well on the customers that choose us to handle their waste.

High recycle rates, eco-friendly waste recovery and disposal process

Ever wonder what happens to your waste?

We believe you should! That’s why we have efficient and transparent procedures for dealing with your waste.

After we pick up the customer’s waste we take it to a materials recovery facility (MRF). At the MRF, the waste is sorted by type in order to prioritise recycling and achieve the highest possible recycling rates.

The facilities we use are very efficient and at the moment we are proudly able to achieve a waste to landfill rate of only 10%. That is, 90% of the waste is recycled and only 10% ultimately goes to a landfill.

Environmental Policy

It’s important for all businesses to demonstrate responsible approaches to waste management as part of their commitment to environmental responsibility. We display our environmental policy here online for all our customers to see and encourage all companies to implement their own policies.

We have recently added Mr. N Carvalho to our team. He currently carries out all of our H&S and environmental responsibilities, including setting our environmental policy.

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